Since its creation by Canadian Figure skater and performance artist Chantal Fry, Ice C inc. has been fortunate to experience a large success on winter ice surfaces created by several french cities: Marseille, St Tropez, Toulon and Ajaccio among many…
Glisse On IceFollowing the largely publicised adventure, the troop spread its artistic wings to a new height by adding a synthetic ice surface to its repertoire. The ‘creatrice’ Chantal Fry can now propose a new and innovative ice skating experience in the most surprising of locations. The possibilities are infinite, when you add a vast array of gorgeous costumes, elements of aerial arts and dance combined with a unique skating performance. Whith international experience, at the Lido de Paris and the famed Cirque du Soleil in Montreal, your audience will without a doubt be dazzled!

Place au spectacle!

Biography Chantal Fry is a Toronto born professional figure skater and performance artist. From her first glide on the ice as a little girl, she fell in love with the cool wind and freedom of movement. While competing and training in Canada with Debbie Wilkes and in Lake Placid with Tommy Litz, Chantal excelled with the performance aspect of figure skating.
Chantal Fry Her journeys brought her to Prague and other north American competition locations where her creative side and 8 years of classical ballet and jazz training, as well as the dramatic arts gave her an artistic edge. After completing four golds under Skate Canada in Freeskate, Figures, Artistic and dance, Chantal set off to the show world with Innovations on Ice, she then toured with Holiday on Ice in Europe, the Lido de Paris, the Cirque du Miroir in Montreal and in 2000 created “Glisse on Ice” in Marseille. The skating troop toured France and later relocated to Canada and enjoyed success on a plastic ice surface performing with the Cirque du Soleil and in the most fabulous Canadian venues, such as; The Four seasons Hotel, the Design exchange and the Fairmount in la Malbaie Quebec among many…

In 2006 while performing at Toronto’s Luminato festival, Chantal created the Burlesque character of Chantal de Bisous, performing a dynamic and sensual number on 8ft by 8ft of ice. Chantal de Bisous also performed for Gay Pride and with Les Coquettes at the War on Xmas show.

Chantal is fully fluent in English, French and Spanish and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International relations and Political Science, she is currently perfecting her skills by completing a journalism certificate in Toronto.

Chantal loves the concept of bringing the art of skating to places you least expect and prides herself on diversity through performance, travel and experience. Her greatest joy is her twin daughters and fiancée and their loving family atmosphere with that certain French flare.

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